At Coco, we believe in entrepreneurs. We believe in business builders. We respect the hustle, the grind, the dedication.

We believe we can help. Think about what you love about your business. Scrolling through DMs to figure out what your customer wants? Spending all your time in Excel trying to manage customer details? We didn’t think so.

Let Coco take that off your plate. Spend that extra time growing your business, hustling harder or, even use it to finally take a break.

Oh yeah, we also believe you deserve a treat for all your hard work. Follow Coco’s advice and earn the chance to win cash and prizes each week.

We started Coco because we know how hard it is to run a business. Let us stress so you don’t have to.

Kate Hernandez
CEO and Founder

David Elston

At Coco, we recognize the entrepreneurial spirit of the Latino community and believe all entrepreneurs should have access to tools that allow them to focus on growing their business. We built Coco to transform the way Latinos manage their businesses, particularly their expenses. We partner with owners to prioritize payments, avoid late fees, and escape the cycle of predatory loans.